We strongly believe in giving back to society as well as building a better environment for all, inside and outside our community. Our family expands further than the grounds of Luster. We look to build top-notch employees and look after their well-being. We also strive to provide assistance and support in the community around us and most importantly we are proud to play a big role in preserving our environment.

Deputy Managing Director

At Luster, through our innovation and actions, we focus on making every day better for people and the planet.

Our sustainability goal is to create industry-leading values while at the same time conserving resources, protecting the environment and improving social conditions for those who need it most.

We are dedicated to products, solutions, systems and culture that contribute to solving global sustainability challenges and protect the environment for today and tomorrow. Moreover, we educate and inspire employees to conduct business activities in an environmentally responsible manner not only in the workplace, but also at home.

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